2020 Seed Potatoes


The allotment shop is now stocking these potatoes ready for planting this spring. All the varieties are priced at £0.45 per lb for allotment association members and £0.60 per lb for non-members.


First Early Potatoes

The first potatoes to crop about 10 weeks after planting.

DUKE OF YORK: Oval, yellow flesh. Excellent flavour. Good for boiling and general use.

WINSTON: Yellow skin and flesh. Excellent show potato. Good disease resistance. 

MARIS BARD: Oval, white flesh. The earliest of all, producing heavy crops of waxy well flavoured tubers. High resistance to virus and slight resistance to scab.

Salad Potatoes

CHARLOTTE: Reliable, high yielding waxy salad variety with a good flavour. Good for boiling and salads.

Second Early Potatoes

Ready to harvest about 13 weeks after planting

WILJA: Oval, pale yellow flesh. High yields, reliable. Excellent cooking qualities.

NICOLA: Long, yellow, waxy, well flavoured potato. Ideal for salads 

Main Crop Potatoes

Ready to harvest about 15 to 18 weeks after planting.

DESIREE: Oval, pale, waxy yellow flesh. Pink skinned. A heavy cropper that succeeds in all soil types. Drought resistant. Excellent flavour. Good all purpose potato.

KING EDWARD: Oval, creamy flesh. Red blotched skin. Excellent cooking and eating quality.

MARIS PIPER: Oval, creamy flesh. High yields and good cooking characteristics for chips, roasting and general purpose.

MAJESTIC: Long tubers with floury white flesh. Excellent yield, store well. Fine potato for making chips












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