Leckwith Droves Allotments Association 

Committee Meeting – Sunday 8th May 2022


1. Apologies for absence : Steve Stokes, Peter Edwards. Janis and Peter Sansom, Dominic.


2. Agree the minutes of the last meeting held on  3.04.22  

Minutes agreed as a true record – proposed by GM and seconded by MY


3. Matters arising.

Some widening of the roadway corners has been carried and signage has now been ordered to advise of Maximum weight of vehicles allowable on site.


4. Treasurer’s Report

ML reported on activity since last month. See attached summary of his report.


5. Progress updates and items for discussion:

Lettings report

No further lettings have been made this month after some months of many plots being let out. Many thanks to P and J Sansom for their hard work to achieve this.


Lock on outer gate

As we are still waiting for the Council either to replace the front gate lock or replace the gates,  the temporary lock remains in place. A few plot holders have reported difficulty in accessing the lock in order to lock and unlock which was acknowledged by committee members.

Action: NB and TT to look at making it more easily accessible.


Locking of both gates

It was suggested that during busy times it is not necessary to lock the inner gates. However the committee decided that both gates and the gantry should be locked at all times after use. This is mainly because theft and fly tipping still occur.

Action: NB to post on Facebook and the website to remind plot holders of the importance of locking the gates.


Japanese Knotweed

This has been found on a plot and GM is investigating how extensive the problem is and will keep a record.

Action: KS to report to the council. GM to post a request on Facebook for people to look out for it (together with a photo to help people identify it).


Pest control 

We are awaiting a response from the council about a request for further visits.

Action:KS to send a reminder to the council. GM to post a reminder on Facebook  that all animal feed should be kept in sealed bins to deter vermin. 


Wood chippings

Plot holders have asked how to request wood chippings which are regularly delivered to the site. JP can arrange this if a request is made.

Action: GM to post on Facebook a procedure for requesting chippings.


Compost toilet

A request was made for a second compost toilet  at the other end of the site, but since it cost around £14,000 ( funded from the 106 monies) it is currently not affordable.


Community Orchard

A plot holder would like to tidy up, clear weeds and maintain the community orchard area. It was agreed that all proposals were to be discussed with the chair to bring to the committee in advance of work carried out. It is encouraging to have volunteers helping to keep the site tidy and a pleasant place for all to be, although it is important that any work done outside of registered plots must be agreed by the committee first.


Proposed projects

Improvement of car parking areas: KS to order stone chippings for this and for use on the widened corners of the roadways.

More stock of fence posts: NB to order for the shop. 

Rubbish clearance from the wildlife site: P Sansom to be asked to organise a quote for this.


Community events

A few are in the planning (exact dates to be confirmed and advertised):

June/ July – a renewable energy presentation (ML to explain how anyone can install solar panels on their plot) with tea and cake.

July – Pizza evening

July – Talk by bee expert and guided tour of the site- with tea and cake.


Any other business

A reminder that parking should be in designated areas, not blocking roadways.

Re-siting of IBC water containers from unused sites, to newly allocated plots without them, can be done by committee members provided a record is made of the re-siting. 

Rubbish collection. A further collection will be arranged shortly.


Date and time of next meeting

Sunday June 12th at 11:30


Meeting concluded at 12:35 and various plot holders began arriving for the social with tea and cakes and a plant and seed swap