Leckwith Droves Allotments 

Committee Meeting – Sunday 3rd April 2022


  1. Apologies for absence : Nigel Bevan, Kim Stokes, Steve Stokes, Frankie Finn,  Peter Edwards.  

Prior to the meeting, Diana Bianchi and Kirsteen James tendered their resignation from the committee due to other commitments. Many thanks for their contributions and time spent on the committee.

  1. Agree the minutes of the last meeting held on  6.03.22  Minutes agreed as a true record – proposed by Paul S and seconded by GM.

  2. Matters arising.

  • The roof in the communal area has now been replaced. Many thanks to Peter E, Peter S, JP and Paul S

  • A one off rubbish collection was made and  paid for as agreed, in order to clear rubbish from 3 plots prior to letting.

  • Signage has now been put in place to remind people of the rules regarding clearing up after dogs. Thanks Peter S.

  1. Treasurer's Report

  • ML reported on activity since last month. See attached summary of his report.

  1.  Progress updates and items for discussion:

  • Lettings report

Plots continue to be prepared for letting and to be succesfully let. 2 more have been given up by those unable to continue cultivating them. 

JS reported on a complaint that had been made due to the mishandling by the council of a tenancy termination. The situation has been resolved and the council acknowledged their error.


  • Other correspondence from plot holders

GM outlined two emails from plotholders: 

  • a request has been made to remove a deseased tree from a plot;

Action: Peter S to investigate the state of the tree, taking into consideration any wildlife, and report back. 

  •  another has complained about the damage to the edge of their plot caused by lorries manouevering round the corner. Any lorries except for the regular chippings and manure vehicles should always be supervised by the plotholder inviting them onto the site. 

Action: JP and Paul S to get a quote for widening the roadway in various places where it is difficult for larger vehicles to turn the corners and investigate replacing the lock on the gantry to restrict access to authorised vehicles only. DH to draft letters in response to the emails to explain what we have discussed.

  • Lock on outer gate

Many thanks to NB for arranging with the council to mend the front gate and for organising additional temporary locks. A request has been made again to the council to install slam gates. If no progress is made, NB has made suggestions for an alternative solution. The committee agreed to let NB make the final decision on the next step.


Any  other business

  • MY passed on a request by a bee expert to talk to plot holders. It was suggested that he is invited to our next social event which may be the seed swap.

  • ML has made an application for a grant from a new council fund to purchase a defibrilator and install it on the site.

  • Peter S has received a quote of £560 for Simon to cut back  3 trees which are causing problems on the site. It was agreed that he can go ahead when there is no likelihood of birds nesting in these trees. One other tree has been referred to the council as it was cut back without permission by a plotholder.


Date and time of next meeting.: Sunday 8th May @11:30


Meeting concluded at 12:20 and various plot holders began arriving for the social with tea and cakes and it was lovely to see some new faces. Thanks to GM for making this happen and everyone who helped and just came along for a chat.

Leckwith-Droves Allotments Association
Treasurer Report

Committee Meeting – 3rd April 2022
1. New account now active at Metro Bank. HSBC account closed / balance transferred.
a. New cheque book, paying-in book and 2 debit cards (initially for Treasurer
and Vice-Chair)
b. Online banking – already used for expense payments instead of cheque
c. Debit cards to facilitate online / phone / instore purchases
d. App access for reconciliation, no need for monthly statements
2. End of year accounts now under preparation
a. End of year accounts will be the last of 2 separate accounts (Main & Shop)
b. New financial year will be 1 account, but spreadsheet accounting for shop
income and expenses.
c. Successful stocktake of shop stock by Nigel Bevan on 31st March
i. Approx Value of stock: £3000
3. Significant expenses since last meeting: £1115
a. Website hosting and domain renewal £209
b. Site Improvements (chippings, benches, etc) £193
c. Dog Fouling, Litter Signage £75
d. Tree and branches clearance / chipping £180
e. Plot clearance for letting, and reen strimming £220
f. Lock repair and 20 new keys £238
4. Pending committed expenses
a. Further tree / bramble clearance (Simon) £1700