Leckwith Droves Allotments Association 

Notes of Committee Meeting 

Sunday 31st January 2021 at 12:00pm via Zoom


Present: Kim Stokes, Liz Irvine, Nigel Bevan, Mitchell Young, Susan Glendinning, Janis and Peter Sansom, Dorothy Hursthouse


1. Apologies for absence: Steve Stokes

2. Agree the minutes of the last meeting held on 15.11.2020: Agreed by all present.

3. Matters arising.

NB went over the recommendations of sub committee which met on Sunday 13th December(minutes available) 

  • All present confirmed endorsement of point 7, a-e

  • The subsequent points were agreed as follows:

    • NAS memebrship: Agreed that in principal it is useful to be part of this society. 

Action: NB to organise group membership of National Allotment Society for anyone interested.

  • Machinery: All association equipment to be logged, marked, maintained  and loaned out as required. 

Action Peter S  to liaise with JP and TT to draw up simple contract for hire of equipment.

  • Employment: Agreed that a list of plot holders wanting to to paid work  at the site should be created.alongside a diary of jobs that need to be done   MY reported that our new insurance includes 3rd party employee liability. 

Action: KS to liaise with Peter S to create list of plot holders and diary of jobs.       MY to check if 3rd party employee cover  also applies to contractors.

  • Shop. KS volunteered to take overall responsibility for the shop. Plan to open on a 'click and collect' basis at weekends as soon as possible, ensuring covid-safe procedures are followed. Orders can be placed via the website or written orders can be posted on the noticeboards or in the  suggestion box. Stock to be sold at cost price + 15% to cover losses and no further discounts. 

Action:  KS to organise a rota of volunteers to man the shop.     NB to ensure stock and prices to be displayed  around the site and on line and everyone to spread the word about the shop.


4.Treasurer's Report

Liz has already provided a detailed update (email to committee 19/01/21). Insurance has been paid up to Dec 2021, signatories updated for banking purposes and an outline budget for 2021 prepared. Budget agreed including £2000 for the shop and £8000 for maintainance. Suggested shop pricing and new stock to be purchased also agreed.

Action – EI to set up a separate  account for key deposits. 


5. Progress updates:

  1. Plot numbering – Agreed to order numbers (provisional quote of around £200) and go ahead with numbering plots based on existing numbering.

Action: Peter S to order numbers, 


    1. Gantry complaint -Following a complaint from a plot holder that the gantry was left closed during the day, it has been agreed to issue more keys, giving more people the job of ensuring the gantry is opened each morning and closed at night. 

Action- MY to arrange extra keys– possibly a new lock if necessary. Also to arrange for replacement lock on street gate as it is becoming difficult to lock. NB to remove sign about gantry opening times.


    1. Volunteer request to improve  plot 666 as a special project.. Agreed as this plot is nowhere near being in a condition to let. However it is on the understanding that there is a clear time limit of 2 years.

    2. Construction of areas for chippings, manure , communal green waste. Agreed in priciple that this should go ahead including construction of bays on a concrete base using Account 106 money (use of this money to be discussed urgently at next meeting)

Action – KS to identify suitable areas around the site 


    1. Shop- pricing/plan for opening- See item 3  Matters arising as discussed earlier.

Action EI to  order new stock as soon as possible.


  1. Update on lettings- J&P S have  circulated a comprehensive report. Agreed that Ivor should be asked to complete work on the  3 slightly less overgrown plots and an outside contractor the 10 which are in worse states.

Action -PeterS to get a quote from Simon (Chipping man, who has previously done good work on the site), and ensure a procedure for billing and paying of invoices is agreed before any work starts.. Work can commence as soon as these in place.

  1. Any other business.

    1. Litter champion  MY has registered as a 'litter champion' permitting  the use of pink bags and litter picking equipment and collection by council of any rubbish. This could be done on a regular basis on 'volunteer days'.

    2. Volunteer days – Agreed to have monthly volunteer days Sunday mornings at 10 am on the first Sunday of the month starting on 7th March.

    3. Plant sale – SG suggested we plan for a plant sale (as all other social activities have been so far restricted due to the pandemic). Perhaps to coincide with the May volunteer day May 3rd.   TBC

    4. Allotment site handbook. - DH to liaise with Claudia W to see if we can complete this task which Carole Ann started and Claudia has worked so hard on.

    5. Co-opting of new members. Since our last meeting  Carlin Underhill and Claudia W stepped down from the committee. Agreed that Rhys Livsey (plot 172 just along from Ivor) should be co-opted.



7. Date and time of next meeting: All agreed Zoom meeting was successful and our next meeting will be on Sunday 28th February  @ 12;00 also via zoom.

Meeting finished at 1:55.