Leckwith Droves Allotments Association 

Committee Meeting Minutes– Sunday 6th February 2022  

11:30 am


Present:  Kim Stokes, Mark Londero, Frankie Finn, Diana Bianci, Paul Sullivan,  Janis &Peter Sansom, Mitchell Young, Gavin Michael, Dorothy Hursthouse, Tony Tanti, Nigel Bevan, Jimmy Pride, Edward McCluskey, Ivor.

1. Apologies for Absence: Sara Terry, Kirsteen James, Steve Stokes, Peter Edwards


2. Minutes of the last meeting held on 16.1.22: Agreed  as a true record by KS, 2nd by GM.

3. Matters arising: 

  • Front gate lock: A request has been made to the council. Awaiting updates.

  • Communal water storage: This was installed by a group of volunteers at a total cost of £223. Many thanks to all involved. Facility to publicised in dry spells.

  • Fencing:  A short section of the fencing available in the shop is on display opposite the shop and one plot holder has used similar to fence their plot. Photos are on facebook. 

4. Treasurer’s Report: 

Mark reported that the bank charges are a new normal charged by most banks now on business accounts. He is looking at other lower- fee accounts.

 Meanwhile we still have healthy bank balances with the maintenance account at £12,664, with pending payments of  £2,500 for works done (rubbish removal, water collection, gravel and plot clearances) and the shop account at £3,348 (with £642 pending for new stock). It was agreed to pay an hourly rate of the living wage (currently £9.90) to those who do work on the site at an hourly rate.  

Contactless payment is now a priority as the shop opens. 

Action: ML to open a new bank account with Metro Bank following the previously agreed signatory rules: Cheques: Any two of Chair, Vice-chair,Treasurer; Internet /App banking: Treasurer alone.  Also organise purchase of contactless payment system, and to liaise with KS to prepare a proposed budget for 2022/2023

5. Lettings: 

7 plots have been let over the last 2 weeks with 2 more shortly to be let; Of the 7 notice to quit letters issued, 5 did not respond so have been followed up with 28 day notice letters. 7 additional plots are available now and letting will be organised asap. Key deposits have been repaid on all returned keys despite lack of accurate historic records of monies paid. It was agreed this is the best policy as keys must be returned.

6. Wildlife Group:

FF reported that free trees have been ordered; bee leaflets are available in the shop; and the bulbs planted. They will discuss rubbish clearance on the plot at their next meeting. MY agreed to locate the remaining bug hotel in a prominent and suitable spot. FF suggested arranging a Sunday afternoon tea and cake social to accompany the short talk by a bee expert – open to all to raise awareness.

7. Community Building:  Agreed that further research is needed. Possibility of using office container by relocating the office to shop. Paul S offered a container which may be useful as additional storage.  Action: JP to investigate suitable containers /buildings 

8. Social events: As well as 'Bee event' it was suggested that we re-instated Sunday Tea and Cake socials, perhaps once a month to follow on after the committee meetings (at 1:00) to allow people to come and meet up, especially for new plot holders.

Action: GM to liaise with others with the aim of getting off the ground after Easter.

9. Shop update: 8 Volunteers are rotated to man the shop at the weekends between 12 – 2. Pricing will include a small mark-up of 10% this season. A full stock take will be done at the end of the financial year.

10. Rubbish removal: This continues to be arranged regularly. The need for consistency on rubbish removal policy was discussed. It was decided to include this on the agenda for next meeting.  

11. Breach of allotment regulations: Various issues including noise nuisance, dog fouling, un- authorised cutting back of communal trees, dumping of large quantities of prunings, and visitors to the site after dark have been reported. Any breaches of rules can result in tenancy being withdrawn and even fines. Evidence (photographic or recordings) is needed if these are to be followed through. 

Action : GM to post a firm reminder on facebook that any breaches can result in termination of tenency. Evidence to be compiled and known perpetrators to be adressed.

 12 Any Other Business:

  • Donation of Picnic tables: These were kindly donated by a local pub and will be stored safely until suitable locations are decided.

  • Purchase of Chipper/Shredder: Eddie raised this as he along with others have been pruning and hoped to be able to chip resulting branches. As use of mechanical equipmet is a huge safety liability, it was suggested Simon be paid to bring his chipper and do some chipping.  Use of machinary also to be discussed at the next meeting.    

 Action:Peter S to talk to Simon and invite him to our next meeting

  • The tyre company (which borders our site) has kindly replaced the inner tube on the wheelbarrow. Many thanks to them for all the help they have provided us in the past.

  • Clearance of communal area by polytunnel: Paul S requested this be done in preparation for new cover on polytunnel. Peter S to organise,

  • Ginger the cat: Ivor reported that he has recuperated well and will be returning home to the site this week. He is chipped and is registered in Ivor's name, so any concerns should be directed to him (via Leckwith Droves email if unable to find him personally)

Date, Time and Place of Next Meeting:

Sunday 6th March at 11.30 at the covered area by the shop.


The meeting concluded at 12:55pm