Leckwith Droves Allotments Association 

Minutes of Committee Meeting 

Sunday 6th June 2021 at 12:00pm

Present:  Kim Stokes, Liz Irvine, Peter Sansom, Dorothy Hursthouse, Tony Tanti, Jimmy Pride, Paul Sullivan,  Gavin Michael, Janis Sansom (from 12:00)


1. Apologies for absence:  Mitchell Young, Nigel Bevan, Steve Stokes, Rhys Livsey, Peter Edwards


2. Agree the minutes of the last meeting held on 02. 05. 2021:  Agreed by all present.


3. Matters arising

  • 106 money: MY has provided feedback via email from the council that the pond renovation and purchase of water storage containers are permitted uses of this money. Agreed to proceed with both of these projects as per existing quotes. Purchase of a shredder is not. It was agreed to use general mainetnance to purchase this. Strict conditions of use will be attached.

Action: Peter S and JS to work on pond renovation project; MY to organise purchase of water containers; NB to advise plot holders via facebook and posters that these two projects will go ahead.

  • Allotment Handbook: It was agreed to have 100 copies printed at a cost of £125. 

Action: MY to organise printing. NB to sort out an emailing list so plot holders can have a digital version where possible, and to organise distribution of paper copies to those which require it once printing complete.

  • Rubbish removal: Removals continue to be arranged on an as required basis.

  • Veterans' project: Plots have been allocated and considerable work is progressing, with contractors regularly accessing the site. KS and NB have both spoken to the organisier to ensure he understands that he is reponsible for his contractors being respectful of site rules such as keeping the gates and gantry locked, not blocking pathways or damaging roadways or verges. They have requested permission from the council to organise access to their plot via a secure entrance by Glamorgan Archives. 

Action: NB to monitor situation and continue to liaise with the organiser.

  • Signs for public display around the site (speed limits, parking , cctv surveillance etc) need to be ordered from council

Action: JS to liaise with council to get these signs.

  • Bee keeping project: The council has confirmed that allocation of a plot that has been rejected by waiting list people at least 8 times may be allocated. One has been earmarked for their use and when confirmed, the project manager will prepare a letter for 24 nearby plot holders to ensure there are no objections.

Action: JS to continue to liaise with the council.


4. Treasurer's report: EI produced an account summary for the financial year 2020/2021 showing a healthy balance of £16,000 in the General maintenance account.


5. Lettings report: Work is ongoing to prepare plots for letting. A total of 36 plots have now been let since Oct 2020 (including 5 to the Veterans' project). 


6. Progress updates:


  1. Spending of general maintenance money: It was agreed to spend £2,800 on purchase of the industrial chipper as per quote. Also agreed to purchase a new cover for the Polytunnel on the communal plot next to the shop. EI requested that all quotes for any projects be forwarded to her before purchase,even though these purchases have been agreed in principal by the committee, in oreder to provide an overview for financial planning.

Action: PeterS and JP to organise purchase of shredder.  GM to organise polytunnel cover. All to forward quotes for any projects large or small to treasurer prior to spending

    1. Locks on Gates: Agreed that we should repair missing lock on inner gate but explore the possibility of getting fixed locks/ self locking locks on both sets of gatesfor the future.

Action: NB to arrange replacement or repair of worn inner gate lock. TT, KS. Paul S to liaise and research fixed lock gates.

    1. Supervision of contractors on site must aways be the responsibility of the plot holder who invited them onto the site.

Action: NB to put a reminder on facebook.


  1. Any other business

  • Parking: plot holders need to be reminded to park in designated parking areas so as not to block roadways, and be aware when unloading that time should be kept to a minimum.

Action: NB to put reminders on FB

  • Manure delivery man has requested a gantry key

Action: KS JP to investigate replacing lock on Gantry to allow for more keys to be distributed

  • Work on plots for payment by the committee to be offered to more plot- holders to maintain a fairer distribution of the work.

  • Loan and hire of equipment: this has been on occasions returned damaged.

Action: TT and JP to prepare a form that those hiring the equipment must sign to accept responsibility for any damage.

  • Solar panels for office: It was agreed that Mark Londero can install Solar panels onto the office to provide lights and USB points for the winter. At a cost  of about £200. 

Action: KS to forward quote to EI before work commences




Date and time of next meeting.

Our next meeting will be on Sunday 4th July  


Meeting finished at 1:15pm