Leckwith Droves Allotments Association 

Minutes of Committee Meeting 

Sunday 28th March 2021 at 12:00pm via Zoom

Present: Kim Stokes, Liz Irvine, Nigel Bevan, Mitchell Young, Janis and Peter Sansom, Dorothy Hursthouse, Tony Tanti, Jimmy Pride, Rhys Livesy, Paul Sullivan,  Gavin Michael.  Joined between 1:00 and 1:30 by Representative from Platform Dial about a beekeeping project


1. Apologies for absence:  Steve Stokes, Peter Edwards


2. Agree the minutes of the last meeting held on 28. 2. 2021.:  Agreed by all present.


3. Matters arising.

  • NAS membership: A group membership has been paid for.

  • Machinery: Logging, marking and maintenance is ongoing- Peter S , JP and TT to continue log of equipment and draw up simple contract for hire of equipment.

  • Employment:  Compilation of a list of plot holders wanting to to paid work  is ongoing

Action: KS to liaise with Peter S to create list of plot holders and diary of jobs.       

  • Plot numbering: Numbers need to be positioned.

Action: Peter S to organise.

  • Gantry: New lock in place and 4 keys have been issued with a spare in the office .

  • Front gate: This is still in the hands of the council, but hopefully will be resolved this coming week!

Action:Paul S to liaise with council representative to ensure this work is completed asap

    • Shop: Now fully stocked and opening Sat and Sun (except 4th April) staffed on a  rota basis by volunteers. Peat free compost is selling well at newly reduced prices. 

    • Purchase of site mobile phone- idea has various drawbacks so it has been agreed not to proceed. Contact through email, the website, notices, suggestion box and personal contact appears to be sufficient. A list of committee members  with photos and their responsibilities could also be put on the notice board.

    • Allotment site handbook: Claudia W has now handed it over to DH 

Action: DH to liaise with Janis and Peter Sansom to move forward asap.

  • Veterans project: funding has apparently been confirmed.- ongoing discussions with council are delaying allocation of a plot.

  • Volunteer days: A successful day was held on 7th March with a good turnout, thanks to all who helped. Next event date will be advertised.



4.Treasurer's Report

  • Shop is currently breaking even.

  • Bank accounts: EI has applied for internet banking and a deposit card for the maintenance account. 

  • End of financial year accounts: May be necessary to submit accounts to the council up to 5th April.

Action: EI to email Ian Protheroe at Cardiff Council to verify.


5. Progress updates:

  1. Lettings report: Out of 244 plots on site 53 plots have been referred to the council as they are not being cultivated. 26 have been let in the last year, 13 are empty but in need of work and 4 of these have been identified for work to commence today by Ivor who will prepare them for letting asap.

  2. Complaints Procedure: Agreed that the aim should be to resolve as much as possible informally and amicably but otherwise to refer to the council who are the managers of the site. MY circulated a suggested simple format. Agreed to trial it until AGM in September.  GM suggested setting up a complaints@leckwithdroves email. 

Action: NB to set up the complaints procedure on the website.


    1. Beekeeping Project: Irwin, a professional beekeeper working as a case worker for Platform (a South Wales mental health charity) on the Dial project (supporting people with dementia) explained how Leckwith Droves allotment could help. Their aim is to bring an apiary on to a plot  to help involve Dial project users and plot holders for the benefit of all. All present agreed they were happy for this to proceed. Currently ongoing discussions with council and committee to identify a suitable plot which is not currently being cultivated or likely to be.

Action: Irwin will liaise with Council and KS 


  1. 106 money: MY has circulated quotes for 52 further water containers. Peter Sansom and JP will circulate quote for chipper. Still awaiting confirmation of when the money must be used by.

Action: To be discussed as a matter of urgency at next meeting


  1. Fires on site:Fires are forbidden and any plot holders found lighting fires should be advised that they should put them out and if they persist the matter will be referred to the council who can issue a notice to quit.

Action: All members to be consistent but non-confrontational with this advice. DH to include in handbook.


  1. Any  other business.

    1. Complaints: 2 complaints have been received about the same fence recently erected and these have been referred to the council as it is beyond the remit of this committee. A further complaint has been received about significant thefts from a plot. Theft is not tolerated and any information and evidence  about who is responsible should be referred to the council who can deal with the matter as appropriate.

    2. Removal of large water butts. Peter Sansom reported that a large water butt had been moved off a plot that was earmarked for letting. These water storage containers were issued free on the agreement by plot holders that they must remain on the plot to which they were allocated.



Date and time of next meeting.

Our next meeting will be on Sunday 25th April @ 12;00  


Meeting finished at 2:00pm