Leckwith Droves Allotments Association 

Notes of Committee meeting (open to all)

Sunday November 15th 12:00pm 


Those present:

Kim Stokes, Nigel Bevan, Liz Irvine, Mitchell Young, Bef Kheshnevis, Claudia Wierskylowski, Susan Glendinning, Janis and Peter Sansom, Steve Stokes, Tony Tanti, Dorothy Hursthouse

Kim welcomed everyone present and thanked them for attending.


1. Apologies for absence: Carlin Underhill, Jimmy Pride,Paul Sullivan.


2. Minutes of the last meeting held on 3.10.2020.  Agreed with 3 amendments: correct spelling of Janis and Peter Sansom's name, add Liz Irvine to list of committee members present, add NB's request that a full audit of shop stock be carried out as soon as possible.


3. Matters arising. All to be included on today's agenda. 


4. Treasurer's Report. LI presented a comprehensive report with a copy for all present (copy attached). Discussion followed on issues raised such as membership of NSALG, shop stock and prices, employment of maintenance workers, training of machinery users ,monies in 106 account, and insurance.

.Action: An action group of LI, NB, MY, KS set up  to discuss all points raised on Treasurer's report liaising with relevant committee members where necessary.  MY to get quotes for employers' insurance To report back at next meeting. 


5. Progress updates:


  • Chair,: KS  has been in communication with Cardiff Council  over various issues which are ongoing: safety of main entrance gates, new noticeboards; various community support groups such as Growing Green, Buddying and Buzzing; and plot lettings generally. Discussion ensued about who should do paid work at the site. 

KS has also visited Colchester Ave Allotments being a similarly sized site to ours. Some useful pointers from them on various issues raised in tresurers report.

Action:KS to keep committee informed of any developments and ,Action group ( MY<NB< KS<LI) to discuss ideas for how to allocate  paid work and bring proposals to next meeting.


  • Lettings, JS andPS working hard to organise lettings, liaising with council to marry up widely differing ideas of which plots are let and which are available. Some plots have already been issued to new tennants. 

It is now absolutely clear that swapping of plots is not allowed and if plot holders want to move to another plot they must go on the waiting list at the bottom. 

Action: work ongoing and JS and PS to report back at next meeting. All committee members to ensure the message re: no plot swapping is passed on.


  • Clear or quit: Currently on hold due to the pandemic as people may be unwell or self isolating and unable to maintain their plots as normal.


  • Maintenance and security, TT reported that he felt a full audit of maintenance equipment was needed. 

Action: TT and JP to carry out audit and report back to next meeting. KS to liaise with PS to discuss progress with security. 


  • Shop, As discussed, pricing and stock levels in need of revision. 

Action: Action group to liaise with CU 


  • Communications, NB has been keeping plot holders informed of many things via the website: minutes of meetings have been uploaded, information about water butt availability, visits of pest control officer. As a result has discovered a need for water storage by many plot holders.

Action: NB to do audit of requirements for water storage across the site.

Also he has been keeping in touch with Growing Green group and has been asked if Adrian (Growing Green co-ordinator)  can have responsibility for storage of equipment in Container no. 5 – the green one. This was broadly agreed 

Action:TT and JP  audit of what is kept in this container to be included in audit of equipment.


NB has been contacted by Welsh veterans who in liaison with the council want to use a plot or two for their members to support their mental health. This was broadly agreed but details need to be agreed with the council.

Action: NB to contact them and they will put proposal in to council


  • Social and welfare, CW has been working on the site handbook, with many contributions from committee and others including Carole-Anne Davies who began the first draft.

Action: CW continue with 3rd draft

Other initiatives being worked on by CW and SG include planning regular social events such as the postponed Pumpkin competition, festival days and plant sales; social outings such as to National Gardens in Carmarthen and Malvern Show; and working on an initiative to encourage animal welfare on the site.

Action: CW and SG continue planning of these on-going ideas and report back with proposals at next meeting


Projects. MY has been researching the 106 bank account for council approved improvements to the site. It contains £39,000 and a suggestion is that it is used to upgrade some of the site's roads.

Action: MY to find out how much longer this money will be available for and continue research into how it may be best used . Ideally bring a proposal to next meeting

6. Should the association charge a membership fee for 2021? More discussion is required

Action: Action group/ MY  to ivestigate possibilities and bring proposal to the next meeting.

7. Should the alltoment shop charge a single low price for all goods?  This will depend on outcome of above

Action: Action group to investigate options and bring a proposal  to next meeting


8. Appoint new allotment representative/s for council meetings, KS and CU to attend meetings and other committee members to attend if either KS or CU unable to. Also both to act as CAHA representatives as chair and site representative respectively.


9. Any other URGENT business. None.


10.Date and time of next meeting. TBA December ?


Meeting closed at 2:25pm