Leckwith Droves Allotments Association 
Committee Meeting Minutes– Sunday 7th November 2021 11.30

Present:  Kim Stokes, Nigel Bevan, Mark Londero, Paul Sullivan, Kirsteen James, Diana Bianchi, Frankie
Finn, Janis and Peter Sansom, Mitchell Young, Gavin Michael, Alan Gorman, Carmel

1. Apologies for Absence: Dorothy Hursthouse, Sara Terry, Steve Stokes, Peter Edwards, Jimmy Pride,
Tony Tanti

2. Minutes of the last meeting held on 3.10.21: Agreed

3. Matters arising: 
Nigel reported that a start had been made to involving other committee members in the running of Facebook
and Gmail accounts, and website.

4. Treasurer’s Report: 
Mark reported that the maintenance account held £18,717 (including £2150 of key deposits) and that the
shop account held £3328. HSBC had changed the accounts’ postal address to his and changed the account
signatures to any two of Kim, Mark and Nigel. The next tasks would be setting up internet banking and
contactless payments, and developing a new spending policy that would include requiring two signatures for
all internet banking transactions. He also reported that he was dealing with a request for an expenses claim
from a past committee member.
Nigel reported that the shop was closed until February 2022 and that stock could be ordered online. Seed
potatoes, onion and shallot sets, and extra fertilisers had been ordered for delivery in the early spring.

5. Lettings Report:
Janis and Peter reported that the council was very slow responding to requests to issue notices to quit and
that they would approach the head of the parks department to to try and speed up the process. 44 plot
holders had been identified for possible eviction and the current waiting list had 130 applicants. Plots
continued to be let as they became vacant. There was a discussion about the drainage for plots liable to
flooding and ensuring that contractors did not disturb nesting birds.

6. Wildlife Group:
Mitchel reported that following a site inspection, Terry Howe, a local Bee Champion, had recommended that
Leckwith Droves should become the first Welsh allotment site to become accredited by the Bee Friendly
Scheme  (Oct 2021 to Oct 2022). The site was very friendly to bees because off the wide range of plants and
flowers, the provision of new bee houses and the banning of pesticides from the site shop. Terry was happy
for the proposed bee keeping and honey project to proceed. Mitchell announced that he would be stepping
down from the wildlife group.
Frankie reported on the activities of the group including the installation of bee houses around the site and the
proposed planting of bee friendly plants around the shop area. The group felt it was important that the site
kept to the best practices to encourage wildlife on the site in line with the new constitution’s commitment to
raise awareness of the need to combat climate change.
7. New Pond:

Janis reported that work would start this month following the payment of a deposit to the contractor.
Kirsteen raised concerns about the plans for the new pond, in particular ensuring that the design would be
appropriate for wild plants and animals. Following a discussion it was agreed that a new pond group would
be set up to advise about wildlife and the pond.

8. Any Other Business:
Mark reported that a a scheme called LIBBY allowed Cardiff library card holders to access online gardening
Peter reported that he was looking at the possibility of us buying a hover mower to help maintain the reen.
Kim reminded the meeting that there would be a scrap metal collection from the site on Tuesday 9th
November and that the pest control officer would visit on the same day.

It was noted that Peter Edwards had stopped plot holders lighting fires.
Paul asked that the site’s road verges should be cleared.

9. Date, Time and Place of Next Meeting:
Sunday 5th December at 11.30 at the covered area by the shop.