Leckwith Droves Allotments Association 

Committee Meeting Minutes– Sunday 5th December 2021  

11:30 am


Present:  Kim Stokes, Mark Londero, Paul Sullivan, Kirsteen James,  Frankie Finn, Peter Sansom, Mitchell Young, Gavin Michael, Dorothy Hursthouse, Tony Tanti


1. Apologies for Absence: Nigel Bevan, Diana Bianci, Steve Stokes, Peter Edwards, Jimmy Pride, Janis Sansom


2. Minutes of the last meeting held on 5.11.21:Proposed as a true record by MY and seconded by PeterS


3. Matters arising: 

Peter S reported that the work on the pond  will begin in March as agreed with Celia Hart who hs signed off the funding


4. Treasurer’s Report: 

Mark reported that the maintenance account still held over £18,000 (including  key deposits) with pending payments of around £600 for rubbish removal and plot clearances  and that the shop account held £3,343.

Internet banking is still ongoing and is currently in the hands of HSBC.

ML has created expenses forms and spending proposal forms to ensure all expenditure is recorded and agreed before being made. Payments of up to £250 can be agreed by Chair or Vice chair but anything above must be agreed by committee prior to spending.

Microsoft Office renewal has been paid and ML to look at using Google office,  which is free,when current subscription ends

Site insurance is due for renewal before the end of December. MY to check details and update as appropriate and ML to pay premium as required.



5. Lettings Report:

 Plots continued to be let as they became vacant and clear and quit procedures are ongoing to free up further untended plots.


6. Wildlife Group:

Frankie reported on the activities of the group and distributed 'BeeFriendly' booklets which will be available in the shop (free) and given to new and existing plot holders. KS, GM and Peter S to liaise with FF to get the booklets out and information of social media in order to raise awareness and understanding of our 'Bee Friendly' status. The group have been liaising with Growing Green who have been making bee hotels for our use. It was agreed that the Wildlife group will have a budget of £100 to use as necessary, including providing materials for further bee hotels. A workshop is planned for the spring. Some crocus bulbs have been planted around the site.


7. Community Building:

KS asked for this to be held over to the next meeting to enable those not present to contribute to discussions,


8. Any Other Business:

KS reported that 2 more loads of waste materials have been collected and a further one is planned. It was suggested we purchase a trailer which could be used to transport rubbish to the tip to avoid the £250 cost for each collection. Costs and storage to be researched further  and brought to next meeting.


Peter reported that he had marked on a plan of the site of 500 trees around the site for use by the wildlife group, and also had earmarked an unlettable plot for use as a wildlife haven. F F and KJ to discuss at their next wildlife group meeting. It was agreed that a budget for rubbish removal and any clearance work on this plot would also be available.


Paul asked that the petrol hover mower could be bought and it was agreed that he and Peter S should go ahead and buy it. Also Peter and JP to look at an alternative chipper as the desired one still not available.


KJ asked that all the committee consider what remit the wildlife group should have and feed back to next meeting. Also an invitation for all was made to attend the wildlife group meeting when the bee friendly representative will give a brief talk. FF to notify us when a date is known.


It was agreed that a cover for the polytunnel woud be purchased. PS to follow this up.


GM suggested we plan a social event for the spring, covid restrictions permitting.

He also requested that we purchase or apply for a defibrilator for the site. He will contact Ian Prothero at the council to discuss funding of this, otherwise it would cost £1500 to purchase. 




9. Date, Time and Place of Next Meeting:

Sunday 16th January at 11.30 at the covered area by the shop.


The meeting concluded at 1pm