Leckwith Droves Allotments Association 

Notes of the Sub Committee Meeting 

Sunday 13th December 2020


Present: Kim Stokes, Liz Irvine, Mitchell Young, Nigel Bevan


1. Mitchell reported that an annual site insurance premium for 2021 from Chris Knott Insurance would be  £285. This was an increase on 2020 because the number of allotment holders had been increased to 150 and employer’s liability had been added.


2. Mitchell reported that the National Allotment Society had confirmed that sites needed a minimum of 10 members to qualify for the reduced membership fee of £3 each.


3. Mitchell reported that he was still waiting for more information from the council about the cost of partially resurfacing allotment roads using Section 106 money.


4. Liz reported that HSBC had still not completed the authorisation of the new bank mandate for new account signatories.


5. Kim reported that Tony Tanti had inspected and photographed all the machinery and equipment owned by the association and was researching the different models and specification.


6. Kim reported that Carlin had stepped down as shop keeper and that for the time being Jimmy Pride and Paul Sullivan would be opening and locking the gantry by the front gate.



7. Agree that:


    a) The insurance quote for 2021 should be paid immediately. (EI, MY)


    b) Liz should prepare an outline budget for 2021. (EI)


    c) An appropriately qualified volunteer auditor should be appointed to inspect and approve our annual accounts before the next AGM.     (EI)


    d) The shop should be closed until February 2021.


    e) Mitchell and Nigel should check on current stock levels and recommend a list of new stock for 2021 with an initial budget of £2000. (MY, NB)


These decisions should be endorsed at the next full committee meeting.



8. Agree to recommend to the full committee that:


    f) NAS: Provided a volunteer is willing to organise a National Allotment Society group of at least 10 people then the committee should support membership of the NAS. (KS)


    g) Machinery: A list of association equipment should be kept. The equipment should be marked as being association property. A maintenance programme should be created. In the spring equipment should be made available to all association members with appropriate training to ensure safe use. A small charge should be made to covering running costs. Equipment should be signed in and out. A simple contract should be prepared


    h) Employment: Jimmy Pride, Paul Sullivan, and Peter Sansom should be asked to review which jobs should be done by paid contractors and which can be done by volunteers. A diary of jobs should be created. Association members should be invited in become paid “Contractors” and added to an employment rota. We should check that contractors are able to do the work required. An hourly rate should be agreed and invoices should be submitted for all work done. 


    i) Shop: A new shopkeeper should be appointed. A rota of volunteers should be set up to open the shop at weekends from February. Stock should be sold at cost price plus 15% to cover loses. No further discounts should be offered. Prices should be displayed online, on     the notice boards, on the gates, inside and outside the shop. All transactions should be recorded in a shop book. At the end of every session the takings should be counted by two people, noted in the book and signed by both. The takings should be banked regularly.