Leckwith Droves Allotments Association 

Minutes of Committee Meeting 

Sunday 28th February 2021 at 12:00pm via Zoom

Present: Kim Stokes, Liz Irvine, Nigel Bevan, Mitchell Young, Janis Sansom, Dorothy Hursthouse, Tony Tanti, Jimmy Pride –( Peter Sansom joined at 12:45)


1. Apologies for absence:  Steve Stokes, Rhys Livsey, Paul Sullivan


2. Agree the minutes of the last meeting held on 31.1. 2021.:  Agreed by all present.


3. Matters arising.

  • NAS memebrship: Sufficient people have expressed interest and group membership is being organised.

  • Machinery: Logging, marking and maintenance is ongoing

Action Peter S , JP and TT to continue log of equipment and draw up simple contract for hire of equipment.

  • Employment:  Compilation of a list of plot holders wanting to to paid work  is ongoing

Action: KS to liaise with Peter S to create list of plot holders and diary of jobs.       

  • Plot numbering: Numbers have arrived and need to be positioned.

Action: Peter S to organise.

  • Gantry: New lock and 5 keys have been ordered.

  • Front gate: Problems with the lock have been reported to Celia and is due to be sorted out w/b 2/3/21

Action: KS and PS to liaise with Celia to ensure this work is completed asap


4.Treasurer's Report

Bank accounts: EI confirmed that 2 paying books have now arrived for the maintenance account. JS to keep one for key deposits and one to be kept in the shop. Key deposit money and shop takings to be paid in separately and identified as such on slip. 

Shop stock: Stock has been ordered and all bar onions have been delivered. If more peat or potatoes are required notify EI as soon as possible.


5. Progress updates:

  1. Water storage report: NB reported that approximately 100 plots do not appear to have large water tanks or means of water storage.

  2. Taff Housing project: NB and KS met with project organisers and agreed to proceed subject to cutting back of large tree.

Action: KS to get quote and advice on pruning of the tree. Janis S to organise lease for the plots

3.Veterans project: funding has apparently been confirmed.

Action: On written confirmation from the council  NB will meet with organisers.  Janis S to allocate a suitable plot.

4. 106 money: Currently still £38,000 which was specifically available for improvements to the site. Still awaiting confirmation from Celia about when it must be used by.. Suggested uses are:

    • Water tanks 

    • Upgrade of Pond

    • Construction of bays for waste, manure, chippings

    • Purchase of a chipper

    • Minor upgrade of roads

Action: Focus group ( MY, JP, Peter S, KS) to investigate costs and practicalities  of all and feed back to next meeting

5.   Shop- To reopen Saturdays and Sundays  (except Easter Sunday) between 12:00 and 2:00 as from 7th March.. Covid 19 rules to apply.

Action: NB to organise a rota as volunteers and committee members have come forward to help

  1. Any  other business.

    1. Lettings: Janis S reported that 20 plots have been let since council have allowed lettings,to recommence and 4 more are ready to let, so will be allocated soon. JS and Peter S to review all new lettings and liaise with Celia to ensure new tennants are paying and cultivationg their plots. Peter S has just met with Simon  (contractor) to price plot clearances- results to be fed back to next meeting.

    2. Purchase of site mobile phone. NB proposed this so it can be kept in the shop in order that people on site are contactable. Agreed.

    3. Volunteer days – First of these to go ahead on 7th March., with only a few people, as the work is essential,  but still important to be mindful of covid 19 restrictions. Collection and disposal of rubbish to be organised by KS

    4. Allotment site handbook. - DH reported that Claudia W has agreed to complete this task and DH to continue to liaise with her




Date and time of next meeting.


Our next meeting will be on Sunday 28th March @ 12;00 (on site or  via zoom. If necessary..TBC)

Meeting finished at 1:00