Leckwith Droves Allotments Association 

Committee Meeting Minutes– Sunday 16th January 2022  

11:30 am


Present:  Kim Stokes, Mark Londero, Paul Sullivan, Kirsteen James, Janis &Peter Sansom, Mitchell Young, Gavin Michael, Dorothy Hursthouse, Tony Tanti, Nigel Bevan, Sara Terry, Jimmy Pride


1. Apologies for Absence: Frankie Finn, Diana Bianci, Steve Stokes, Peter Edwards

2. Minutes of the last meeting held on 5.12.21: Agreed  as a true record

3. Matters arising: 

  • Purchase of Polytunnel cover and a hover mower will be made soon 

Action: Paul S and Peter S to arrange this as well as mainenance of other equipment.


4. Treasurer’s Report: 

Mark reported that the maintenance account still held £13,493, payments of around £2,000 for rubbish removal and plot clearances having been made, and that the shop account held £3,348.

Internet banking is still ongoing. HSBC have requested further information. 

Mark also reported that unusual charges have been made on the account for last year.

Action: ML to investigate unusual charges and work with HSBC to facilitate internet banking.


5. Lettings Report:

 5 plots are shortly to be let; 5 more have recently been vacated; and 7 notice to quit letters have been issued.


6. Wildlife Group:

KJ reported that the group had looked at the plot highlighted as unlettable may be suitable for use as a wildlife haven if the rubbish were removed. It was agreed to organise a group of volunteers to work on this. The group will continue planning for a workshop when they next meet. 

Action: KJ to advertise the group on facebook to encourage greater awareness of the group's work and involvement. KS and JP to organise a working party to clear rubbish.

7. Community Building:

To be held over to the next meeting to enable those not present to contribute to discussions.


8. Lock on Front gate:

Celia has been contacted to replace the bar. It was suggested that 2 new locks are required as well as various other issues to ensure furthe problems are avoided.

Action: JS to liaise with Celia to request the further work.


9. Shop update: 

NB reported that fencing and posts now in stock. It was agreed that a section of fencing should be erected nearish to the office area to show it off.

Potatoes, onions and shallots will be available from February- date to be advised. NB and Gordon to do a stock take and tidy up.

Action: JP and Peter S to plan fencing.


10. Building of communal water storage area:

NB to organise a working party to start work on this. Estimated spending of £300 was agreed by all. JP to chase up roof panels.


Any Other Business:

  • Cardiff Council has produced an Allotment Strategy document with the aim of securing and improving the city allotment facilities. Encouragingly it broadly supports everything we do, including biodiversity, accesibility, diversity and raising awarenss of sustainable growing. JS reported that it says that the Welsh govt gave a £58,000 grant to the council for allotment improvement. The majority went to just 2 sites.            Action:KS to raise a question about how future grants will be allocated.

  • Pest control officer will visit in the next few weeks and plot holders need to give permission for him to visit and wherever possible have a representative available on the day. Dates and times of visits to be advertised on FB.

  • Gravel has been delivered and pot holes filled around the site as well as much rubbish removed from plots in preparation for letting. Thanks to Paul S for organising equipment and more to facilitate this as well as all those who regularly help at short notice for this kind of stuff!

  • Site improvements:Peter S has looked at costs of a community building and memorial bench – both to be held over until next meeting. He also obtained quotes to clear 2 further plots and the road area previously discussed. All agreed that £1,250 was a fair price for this work. Peter to proceed.

  • Defibrilator: GM reported the cost of providing a defibrilator is still over £1000. Grants seem to be few and far between. It was suggested that we look for a local company to sponsor it. 

  • Biodiversity grant. GM reported that £500 could be available from the council – an application needs to be put in. It was suggested that the wildlife group may like to do this. 

9. Date, Time and Place of Next Meeting:

Sunday 6th February at 11.30 at the covered area by the shop.


The meeting concluded at 12:40pm