Leckwith Droves Allotments Association 

Annual General Meeting 

Sunday 26th September 2021, 11am

Draft Minutes

(to be confirmed at 2022 AGM)


  1. Apologies for absence: Jimmy Pride, Paul Sullivan, Carole-Ann Davies, 

  2. Present: 29 Association members including Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Minutes Secretary.

  3. Minutes of the last  AGM held on 28.09. 20. Proposed as a true record by Nigel Bevan and seconded by Janis Sansom.

  4. Chair's Report: 

  • Kim Stokes welcomed and thanked everyone for attending and explained that she was hoping for a brief meeting with tea, cake and chat afterwards for anyone who'd like to stay.

  • It has been a difficult year as much  of it has been in lockdown, but the new committee has worked hard to make improvements and Kim thanked everyone. Her aim has been to ensure a welcoming approach for all plot holders and clarity about how the site is managed.

  • There is a new structure to the committee and the responsibilities divided up to lessen the burden which has been effective. 

  • Achievements include: Letting out of more than 40 plots including to a number of community groups; a new Allotmnet Handbook printed and distributed electronically; rubbish collections arranged frequently; plots cleared; communal areas tidied, including the shop and office; IBC water containers have been provided free to as many plot holders as have requested them; and vermin control officers have been making regular visits. A biodiversity working group has also been set up which is working on projects to improve the sustainability of our site. . 

  • A big thanks to Liz Irvine who has organised the accounts extremely efficiently and sadly will be stepping down.

  1. Treasurer's Report :

  • The accounting year has been changed to be in line with usual financial year of April 1st to March 31st . 

  • This year's accounts have been submitted and duly audited  (income statement and full accounts are available to for all Assocation members to view on request).

  • Balances in the maintenance account (£16,706) and the shop account are healthy  

  • As the money is there to be spent, there are various projects in the planning such as: purchase of fixed notice boards and a shredder; improvements to the communal area roof to provide additional water collection; and ideas for social events in the spring ( pandemic permitting). Improvemenets to the pond area are also in the planning which it is hoped will be  funded using 106 money. 

  • In the shop most things are being sold at cost price or below as there is no need to make a profit.


6. Election of new committee: All the committee step down after a year as per the constitution. 

  • The following were elected for the coming year:

Kim Stokes, Nigel Bevan, Mitchell Young, Peter and Janis Sansom, Gavin Michael, Jimmy Pride, Paul Sullivan, Dorothy Hursthouse, Tony Tanti, Frankie Finn, Diana Bianchi, Dominic Price, Mark Londero, Sara Terry, Steve Stokes and Kirsteen James.

  • The following officers were elected:

Chair: Kim Stokes (Proposer Nigel Bevan, seconded by Peter Sansom)

Vice Chair: Nigel Bevan(Proposer D.Hursthouse, seconded by M Young)

Treasurer: Mark Londero(proposer Janis Sansom, seconded by M Young)

Minutes Secretary: Dorothy Hursthouse (Proposer Steve Stokes, seconded by Janis Sansom)


  1. New Constitution for the Allotment Association: As per the constitution this is reviewed annually. A draft constitution was presented to the meeting and accepted with its amendments by those present. The new constitution will be available to view on the website.

  2. Banking The meeting agreed:

  • all association bank cheques should be signed by any two of Mark Landero, Kim Stokes and Nigel Bevan, and that the Primary User for internet banking should be Mark Londero and the Secondary User should be Nigel Bevan.

  • to set up internet banking with HSBC: "The Association can authorise one person to act as the Primary User who will control access to the accounts via Business Internet Banking and act as the principal contact for the service. They will have authority as described in the internet banking conditions associated with the accounts. The Primary User will normally be a signatory on the accounts, and the Treasurer of the Association, but they need not be. The Association can also authorise a Secondary User for internet banking, who again will normally be a signatory on the accounts, but need not be."


The meeting closed at 12:10 and many people stayed for refreshments afterwards. Thanks to all who helped organise and tidy up afterwards.