Minutes of Committee Meeting 

Sunday 3rd October 2021 at 11:30pm

  1. Apologies for absence: Gavin Michael, Steve Stokes, Peter Edwards. 

  2. Co-option of new members of the committee: Gordon Bateman -proposed by KS, seconded by NB. Peter Edwards- proposed by JP, Seconded by JS. All present accepted new members on the committee.

  3. Agree the minutes of the last meeting held on 05.09.21: Those present who were also present at the last meeting agreed these are a true record.

  4. Matters arising.

  • Taff housing meeting was positive and in future all communication is to be via Annette Kerr of Taff housing, who was helpful and approachable. It was agreed to support their application to the council for funding.

  • IBCs -still awaiting notification of delivery

  • Tree surgeon meeting- Peter S reported that Simon (tree surgeon) had quoted for the clearance of a number of plots and removal of some trees  in order for plots to be usable, to a total  of £2,820 . NB proposed the quote be accepted and to proceed with the work asap. DH seconded and all present agreed.

  • JP reported that the plastic sheets for the new roof for communal area should arrive this week.

  1. Treasurer's Report- 

  • ML reported healthy balances in both maintenance and shop accounts. NB explained that the former is money received from the council and should be used regularly  to maintain the site or the council may feel less is needed in the future. The shop account money belongs to the association and can be spent as the committee decides- for example on social events. There is also 106 money held by the council for use for 'improvements' to the site. The pond project will use up a large percentage of this.

  • ML has submitted change of address request to the bank as the registered address is that of the treasurer. Additionally he has requested that there be three signatories on both accounts – Chair, vice chair and treasurer, two of whom will be required to sign off payments. Any payments through internet banking will also be required to be passed by two officers.

  1. Lettings report- 

  • Peter S has been in discussion with a council contractor to remove Japanese knotweed from one particular plot and to put a weedkiller on other derelict sites in order to prepare them for letting. It was suggested that any essential pesticides should be applied soon before any bees were brought to the site. 

  • He also met today with a contractor to clear a number of other sites and the roadway near Taff housing plot. Quotes will be presented to the committee as soon as possible. As the council waiting list is closed it is essential to get any unused plots ready for letting. 

  1. Progress updates and items for discussion:

  • Roles and responsibilities for new committee

    • Social media administrator- NB explained that as this was an ever increasing task two or three people could share responsibility. GM has volunteered and ST and KJ also volunteered their help.

Action: NB to discuss with new volunteers to explain what support is required.

    • Social secretary_ Diana Bianchi offered to take on this role and to possibly ask Rose to help.

    • Site maintenance and security JP, TT, Paul S and Peter E agreed to continue.

    • Shop GB agreed to help NB in running the shop with support of volunteers

    • Lettings J and Peter S to continue their work in this

    • Volunteer days D B and FF agreed to organise volunteer days perhaps once a month (3rd Sunday in the month)

  • Social events it was agreed to go ahead with a low key Halloween tea and cake afternoon on Sunday 31st October at 2pm (depending on any change to Covid restrictions ).

Action: KS and DB to liaise with Rose to organise.


  • Cameras As fly tipping and theft are still problems, use of security cameras has been suggested. This issue will be discussed further at the next meeting as no consensus was arrived at after some discussion. Security will be tightened up to try to avoid theft. KS has spoken to the occupiers of Plumb Centre on Bessemer rd as they currently have an open alley leading on to Allotment Site  perimeter fence where illegal access has been gained. 

Action: KS to join Celia Hart on the site visit where both perimeter weaknesses and plots for let will be highlighted.


  1. Any  other business: A few items were raised:

  • Key request- NB reported that Taff housing have asked for a gantry key. Currently there are 5 keys which are held by committee members PS, JP, KS, and  now DB as well as the Growing Green group. Any of these people can be contacted via an email to the allotment association and will be onsite by arrangement or promptly in an emergency. Consequently it was not considered necessary to give out further keys.

  • Wild life group -MY reported that the wildlife group have been meeting regularly and requested that feedback from the wildlife group is a regular item on the agenda for all further meetings.

Action: DH to include on agenda



Date and time of next meeting. It was decided to have meetings on the first Sunday of each month wherever possible at 11:30 am. The next one will therefore be 7th November.

Meeting closed at 12:55