Leckwith Droves Allotments Association 

Minutes of Committee Meeting 

Sunday 11th July 2021 at 11:30pm

1. Apologies for absence:  Gavin Michael, Steve Stokes, Rhys Livsey.

2.Agree the minutes of the last meeting held on 06. 06. 2021.:  Agreed by those present.

3. Matters arising

  • 106 money: 

    • Water containers- MY has placed an order for 52 water containers which, due to  a supply difficulty will be delivered in batches of 20, 20 and 12 as they are available. 

Action: MY to advise when first delivery will be when he knows.

    • Pond -On going. It was suggested that the project should be be passed by the council before proceeding. To be discussed as a matter of urgency  at our next neeting.

  • Allotment Handbook: Has been a great success. Copies have been available in the shop and delivered to those who have requested. A total of 40 people have requested a digital copy and also for email address to be used for communicating infromation from the committee. 

  • Purchase of Shredder. Due to supply problem this has not yet been purchased. Peter S to proceed when it is possible.

  • Installation of Solar panels in the office- Mark Londero has completed this work. Many thanks. We now have lights and a charging point for  mobile phone

  1. Treasurer's report: EI reported there is still a healthy balance of £21,000 in the General maintenance account.as we have received the rent rebate of £6,700 from the council. This rebate which represents 58% of the rent paid to the council is £2,000 down on the previous year without an obvious explanation. To be monitored. The shop is doing well and there is a surplus of £5,000 in this account which can be used as the committee decides- for example social events. MY suggested that we continue to keep prices around cost price in the shop as there is no need to make a profit and the aim of the shop is to provide a service.


  1. Lettings report: Work is ongoing to prepare plots for letting. No new plots have been let this month.

  2. Progress updates:

    1. Locks on Gates: NB has arranged replacement of worn inner gate lock, and repairs are still ongoing, but is handing on responsibilty for lock maintenance. TT has discovered it is unlikely that we can put in fixed lock gates without replacing the gates.

Action TT, JP KS. Paul S to liaise and research fixed lock gates ( as at other allotment sites) and request that the council put in such gates.  

    1. Contactless payment in the shop: ML has prepared research which he shared with the committee. All agreed this is the way forward as people use cash less and banking becomes harder. At an estimated outlay of £300 it was agreed to proceed.

Action: NB to purchase a mobile phone and liaise with ML to set it up.

    1. Cutting back of verges and paths: The committee will continue to keep communal areas tidy, being mindful of the importance of encouraging diversity of wildflowers for bees.

Action: NB to put a reminder on Facebook, website and notice poards that plot holders are responsible for keeping verges and paths adjacent to their plots tidy.

    1. Disposal of rubbish from the site: Rubbish from plots is the responsibility of the plot holder to dispose of. Anyone who may find this a problem is welcome to talk to a committee member.  Rubbish generated during preparation of plots for letting will continue to be removed by the committee as and when necessary.

Action: NB to put reminders on FB, website and on notice boards of plotholders responsibilities.

    1. Updating of the constitution in preparation for the AGM: Main change is regarding online banking. Otherwise needs to be checked to ensure it is short, flexible and not constraining.

Action: NB and MY to review it and bring updated version to next meeting.

  1. Water pumps: DH has received suggestions that a communal water supply would be useful as not all plot holders have access to water. Many people with pumps are willing to share, and this should be encouraged. It was agreed to allocate 6 of the large water containers for use in the communal area next to the office to take water off the shelter roof. This roof is in need of replacing anyway and the set up of water harvesting can be done as one project.

Action: JP and PE to work on replacing roof and set up guttering. TT to organise siting of water containers

  1. Any other business

    1. Drainage work by House of Sport: JP has had information from this business that, by agreement with the council,work will begin imminently on digging a drainage channel from Bessemer Road through the main gates of our site and alongside the path going into the industrial units ahead. Hopefully disrpution for us will be minimal. Cars should be able to use the access road to the allotment site.

Various committee members to check this information out to ascertain exactly how it will affect us.

    1. Solar panels on individual plots: ML has installed these on his plot and will prepare a leaflet of information for any interested plotholders, and is happy to advise.

    2. Produce from plots has been reported missing/stolen? No actual evidence or witnesses but it is very likely that produce is being stolen.

Action: NB to put reminders out that plot holders should not be accessing others plots and removing produce is theft.

    1. Replacement of site notice boards: 

Action:MY to obtain quotes for metal notice boards to replace (or supplement) existing ones which are looking tired and letting snails in!

    1. Complaints have been received about dog fouling on the site- Reminders are needed that dogs should be kept on a lead on the site and any mess removed from the site.

    2. Site rep: The council pay £200 pa for a committee member to attend meetings. As the structure of the committee has changed this year and meetings attended by whoever is available KS suggested this money goes  to benefit the whole committee perhaps for a socilal event.

    3. Volunteer days. To be arranged over the summer


Date and time of next meeting.

Our next meeting will be on Sunday 8th August 

Meeting finished at 1:05pm