Leckwith Droves Allotments Association 

Minutes of Committee Meeting 

Sunday 8th August 2021 at 11:30pm

Present:  Kim Stokes, Nigel Bevan, Mitchell Young,Liz Irvine, Peter Sansom, Dorothy Hursthouse, Tony Tanti, Jimmy Pride, Paul Sullivan, Gavin Michael, Frankie Finn



  1. Apologies for absence:  Janis Sansom, Peter Edwards, Steve Stokes, Rhys Livsey.

2.Agree the minutes of the last meeting held on 11. 07. 2021.:  Agreed by those present.

3. Matters arising

  • Water containers- 18 were delivered 06/08/21 and distributed to those who had requested one and were available to receive them. Many thanks to all who helped and especially to Steve Stokes for the van which made distribution so much easier.

Action: MY to advise when the next delivery will be when he knows.

  • Contactless payment in the shop- Further research has shown that a system called Solo would be most cost effective as it does not require a mobile phone and can be linked to the bank account. Estimated cost £120. Agreed to proceed.

Action- NB to work on setting this up

  • Drainage work by House of Sport_ - This has not been started as of 08/08/21.

Action- KS to contact H of S again to check on progress and how this will affect access to the allotment site. This will be advertised on fb and the website as soon as information is forthcoming.

  • Replacement of site notice boards – It was agreed to go ahead with a large wall mounted weatherproof lockable board for the front entrance and 4 free standing boards which can be sited where appropriate. Total estimated cost of £1,200.

Action-Peter S and MY to organise purchase of these.

  • Replacement of roof in communal area- JP reported that clear panels similar to existing ones are no longer available and suggested use of metal panels with a solar panel and LED lights. It was agreed to proceed with this and link up with 5 or 6 of IBC water containers from the next delivery to create a communal supply of water.

Action-JP PE and TT to proceed with this project.

  1. Treasurer's report: EI reported that healthy balances remain in the accounts.


  1. Lettings report: Work is ongoing to prepare plots for letting. No new plots have been let this month and PS and JS are waiting for notification from the council that 4 non-paying tennants can be evicted and their plots relet. Three other plots are being prepared for letting.

  1. Progress updates:

  • Increase of biodiversity of the site- Frankie Finn has suggested that a plot which has been overgrown and untended for some years should be retained as a wildlife haven as it contains some mature trees which blossom early and attract many bees and butterflies, and attracts a diverse range of birds. Although this plot cannot be removed from the list as there are so many people waiting for a plot, it is unlikely that it will be offered for letting in the near future as it would require considerable work before it would be lettable. Other plots are being targetted as a priority. It was decided that increasing biodiversity is an important issue and that a working party should be set up to continue work on this.

Action-MY to work with FF and any other interested parties to set up a working party and bring findings and recommendations to the AGM


  • .Updating of the constitution in preparation for the AGM: Main change is regarding online banking. Other ammendments were made to ensure it is short, flexible and not constraining, and  that it reflects the current organisation of the association.

Action: NB to send updated copy KS to send to Celia Hart for approval, with a deadline.

  • Fires on site- it has been noted that fires are still being burnt on some plots and photographic evidence has been taken of the resulting charred remains. As this is in contravention of the tenancy agreement the committee will in the first instance write to the plot holders concerned.

Action- DH to draft a letter which can be sent.

  1. Any other business


  1. Gates: These are still being left unlocked. Constant reminders to everyone are necessary, especially that even if the gates have been left open they should close them after themselves. Some people have reported that it is awkward to access the padlocks, although does not explain all instances.

Action TT, will contact locksmith to assess how much slam locks would cost to install. It was agreed that this should be a good use of 106 monies. JP to look at making a gap around the lock for easier access. NB to use fb and website and posters to remind people of their responsibilities as plot holders.

    1. Equipment hire agreement. GM circulated a draft copy of this and it was accepted and to be used from the next hire.

    2. Thanks to the committee- FF proposed a thank you to all the committee for all their hard work behind the scenes, on behalf of plot holders.

    3. The new Kings seeds catalogue is availbale with discounts for National allotment association memebers. Available in the shop.

    4. Revised shop hours- as from this weekend the shop will open only between 1pm and 2pm due to low sales. It will close at the end of October until the spring, but orders will still be able to be made on line and collections arranged to suit.

    5. Peter S has looked into purchase of breeze blocks for the communal water containers and top soil to improve unlet plots. The cost of topsoil is excessive so new plot holders taking on such plots will be advised that soil requires improvement and advised to use raised beds, Advice and help will be given.

    6. Commemorative benches – Peter S looking into the purchase of these which could be unveiled at our next social event. To be discussed at our next meeting.

    7. Post and wire fencing.- KS asked that a stock of 100 m of fencing and posts to be purchased for the shop to encourage people who can afford it to use this type of fencing rather than a mish mash of pallets and other scrap materials. Approximate cost £4.00 per metre. It was agreed that £500 be allowed for this.

Action- KS to organise purchase. NB to advertise its availability.

Date and time of next meeting.

Our next meeting will be on Sunday 5 th  September at 11:30

Agm arranged for Sunday 26th September 2021 at 11 am

Meeting finished at 1:30pm