Leckwith Droves Allotments Association 

Committee Meeting – Sunday 12th June 2022


1. Apologies for absence: Mark Londero, Paul Sullivan, Sara Terry, Steve Stokes, Peter Edwards.


Plot holders present to observe: Mark Cummings, Rosemarie and Sarah Jones

2. Agree the minutes of the last meeting held on  08.05.22:  Minutes agreed as a true record – proposed by MY and seconded by GM

3. Matters arising 

Japanese knotweed- The council have been notified and will act in late summer, which is the best time to deal with it. J and Peter S are in communication with the plot holder.

4. Treasurer's Report

ML sent apologies but had forwarded his report. See attached  for details. No questions or comments from those present.

5. Progress updates and items for discussion:

  • Bee talk update:

FF apologised on behalf of the Bee Friendly representative who cancelled the talk at short notice. She is working on arranging a further information session as it is important for us to understand how to  encourage a variety of pollinators.  KS added that the bee keeper on site has been asked to talk to interested people. Date TBA.

  • Pond update:

JS reported that the work is due to start as soon as 20th June and will take 6-8 weeks. 

Action:JS to ensure the deposit is paid via 106 monies directly from the council.

  • Pest control:

Rats are still a problem and the councl have been slow to respond. 

Action:KS to follow up the request.

  • Waste Removal:

Asbestos removal has been requested but council slow to respond. 

Action:KS to follow up.

Other waste removal ongoing. As this requires volunteers to assist, no collection has been arranged by Uzar. Consequently Mark Cummings has had rubbish removed from his new plot at a cost of £120. KS proposed the committee make a goodwill gesture to cover this as it was exceptional circumstances. This was agreed by all present. All new plot holders are asked to remove rubbish from their plots, but the committee will assist in exceptional circumstances.  

Action:Peter S will ask for a quote from contractor to clear rubbish from plot designated as wildlife area.

  • Fencing of plots:

A query arose about the policy on fencing due to a plot having a large fence erected. The tenancy agreement states that permission should be sought for all permanent structures including fencing. It was decided that all future discussions between the Welsh Veteran's Partnership and the the committee should be handled by Nigel Bevan and Mark Londero. 

Action: NB and ML to feed back to the plot holder over this. 

  • The Community Orchard: 

Following a request by a plot holder to fence and tidy this area for greater community accessiblity, the committee decided that it was not appropriate to fence it but that clearing it of weeds to improve its accessibility would be good, provided no trees are cut back or felled. 

Action: KS to feedback to plot holder.

  • Use of power tools such as chain saws: A concern has arisen about use of these within and outside of designated plots in case they pose a health and safety risk.

Action: JS to contact Council for clarification

  • Gates and Security:

JP reported that the main gates onto  Bessemer Rd will be out of use temporarily in the near future as resurfacing work will be carried out. JP to keep us updated.

It has  been noted that there is a gap under a section of external fencing. JP and MY to investigate.

As the gates continue to cause problems for people with some disabilities, it was suggested that the council be reminded of their responsibilities to maintain the gates and ensure ease of access. JS has been in touch with councillor Lynda Thorne to try to push this issue forward.

  • Any Other Business

    • NB proposed that the shop hours should be reduced due to slow trade, and it was agreed that for the remains of the season it will open Saturdays and Sundays  from 12:00 – 1:00.

Action: NB/GM to update notices and post on FB

  • It has been noted that children are frequently playing in the roadways on the site.

Action:  MY to look into the matter and see what we need to do to ensure all sensible steps are taken to ensure everyone's safety and we're covered with regards to liability.  

  • KS reminded people of the community event planned for Wednesday 15th at 6pm. 

  • J and Peter S met with Lynda Thorne to enlist her help with ensuring the council fulfill their responsibility on issues such as the gates, following up to notice to quit letters, issuing of contracts to new plot holders, access to the 106 monies.

Action: JS to feed back any progress.


Date of next meeting : Sunday 10th July at 11:30

Meeting closed at 1:00