Leckwith Droves Allotments Association 

Minutes of Committee Meeting 

Sunday 5th September 2021 at 11:30pm

  1. Present: Nigel Bevan, Kim Stokes, Mitchell Young, Janis Sansom, peter Sansom, Jimmy Pride, Toni Tanti, Dorothy Hursthouse, Gavin Michael, Paul Sullivan

  2. Apologies for absence:Liz Irvine, Peter Edwards, Steve Stokes, Rhys Livsey

  3. Minutes of the last meeting held on 08.08.21   Agreed by those present.

  4. Matters arising.- To be covered by agenda items

  5. Treasurer's Report- EI not present but has sent an overview of financial situation: £3,036 in the shop account plus a healthy level of stock. £19,306 in the maintenance account. Accounts have been audited up to end of the financial year (April 2021) and sent to the council for inspection. She will present these at the AGM.

  6. Progress updates and items for discussion:


  1. Temporary access via House of Sport- The gates to the main entrance will remain closed for at least another week an access will continue through the House of Sport entrance. Because of the ease of access the inner gates must remain locked at all times! Further disruption may occur in the road outside the main gates at some later date. JP has been liaising with workers and voluntarily checks the site every evening before locking up. Many thanks to him.

Action: JP to remain in contact with HofS workers and feedback any information

  1. Revised constitution and preparations for the AGM:

  • NB and MY finalised the revised constitution and sent it to Celia at the council for approval. NB proposed slight amendments based on her feedback which have since been made.   It is now ready to be presented at the AGM.

  • Details of paperwork such as minutes of last AGM, agenda, reports etc for the AGM need to be agreed. Printing may need to be done commercially and paid for.

  • New committee members will be needed for the coming term. All committee members step down anually at AGM and a new committee is formed. 


  • NB &DH to prepare paperwork for AGM. 

  • KS and other committee members to talk to as many plot holders as possible asking if they would consider joining committee.

  • NB to put similar message on social media and website. Notices to go up around site.

  1. AGM sub-committee representatives: MY & NB suggested that where groups are tennants they should be asked to nominate a representative to attend the AGM on their behalf.

Action: JS to email signatories of plots for Growing Green, Taff housing, Veterans and any other group tennants to request this.

  1. IBCs: We are still awaiting delivery of 32 IBCs (large water containers) as they have been out of stock. MY to advise when they will be delivered as soon as he knows.

  2. Fires on site: A letter has been sent to the signatory ( and therefore named plot holder) of one allotment that has been lighting fires reguarly  and has refused to heed verbal advice. An email has also been sent to the council with photographic evidence. 

  3. Taff housing: This group has requested that we support their application for continued funding. It was decided that a meeting be held with management of the group and 2 committee members to discuss this.

Action: JS to email the manager of Taff Housing to arrange this as soon as possible

  1. Fences:  KS reported much interest in the fencing and has already sold some of the posts purchased as a sample.

Action: KS to purchase further supply for the shop as discussed at las tmeeting up to a value of £500

  1. Bioiversity project: A small enthusiastoc group has been formed and discussed various projects. They hope to take advantage of The Welsh Government 'Bee friendly' initiative. MY requested funding of up to £300 to support this project. All present agreed this is a good use of our funds.

  2. Noticeboards: 4 moveable boards have been delivered and are to be sited around the site. One has been filled with water to maintain stability. Sand is more satisfactory so it was agreed to purchase sand.. The large permanent one has been ordered and delivery expected w/b 14th September

Action: JP to purchase sand.

  1. Pond renovation project: The company that gave original quote is able to start in October. Committee decided we need to double check with council that this is ok to come out of 106 money before work starts.

Action: JS to email the council contact to confirm

  1. Social events: A social event to celebrate Halloween is pencilled in for Sunday the 31st October.

  2. Bullying and Harassment: 2 complaints have been made informally  by  the same person about a neighbouring plot holder. They were asked to put it in writing to the council but the committee felt that the best procedure is to use the new complaints procedure so it can be followed up prpoerly.

Action: JS to provide a paper  complaints form to the plot holder and advise any other complainants to do the same.

  1. State of roadway between Taff Housing and 'Bee' plots: This is in need of clearing and a contractor will be engaged to do this work as soon as possible

  2. The gantry: This must remain locked to prevent fly tipping and deter  illegal access to the site. Keys are held by three committee members and 3 contractors who regularly use the site and a spare should be kept in the office. Anyone who needs access with a high vehicle can make an advance request via email.


  1. Hire of equipment. Due to the many health and safety  and insurance issues surrounding the hire of equipment it was decided stop lending or hiring out our equipment. This may change in the future.


  1. Any  other business

  • Clearing of the tree stump from Taff Housing plot: A tree surgeon will be consulted about the practicalities of doing this work now nesting birds have left.

Action : Peter S to consult tree surgeon for a quote.



Date and time of next meeting.


AGM 26th September at 11:00

Further committee meetings to be arranged by the new committee.