National Allotment Society Covid 19 Virus Advice

(issued 24.3.2020)

Following the Government's instructions that everyone should stay at home (23.3.2020) there has been some debate about whether we are allowed to visit our allotments.

The National Allotment Society has made the follow statement (24.3.2020).

“Same emergency measures as last week, which are on the website, these still apply, however after announcement by the PM last night, the NAS advice is that allotments fall into exercise and therefore plotholders could go once a day, providing they are not in any of the other exclusion groups and must observe social distancing”.

The NAS had previously issued the following advice.

When you visit your allotment:

Keep at least 2 meters away from other people.

Avoid all body contact and do not shake hands.

Do not share tools.

No unauthorised people should visit the allotments.

Use hand sanitiser before and after opening and closing the gates.

Wash your hands regularly in clean water but do not use water butts and tanks.

If you keep livestock at your allotment, take a photo and keep it on your mobile phone. If the government increases restrictions on movement, you may need this photo to prove that you have visit the allotment to feed your animals.