Leckwith Droves Allotments Association 

Local Management Agreement 1/4/2016


(A full copy of the original agreement is available to association members)


1. The agreement will last for 10 years and covers the allotment site.


2. No trade or business is allowed apart from the allotment shop.


3. The site will be properly maintained as allotments.


4. Paths and roads will be kept clear.


5. Apart from fruit trees, trees must not be cut down and soil must no be removed from the site.


6. The association is responsible for the day to day running of the site and letting plots from the waiting list supplied by the council.


7. No communal buildings or structures to be erected without the consent of the council.


8. The association’s constitution will be approved by the council.


9. The association will hold an AGM and inform the council of the date.


10. The association will prepare annual accounts for the AGM and present them to the council within one month.


11. All association applications for external funding will first be submitted to the council.


12. The association may decide to withdraw from the agreement every two years.


13. The association must ensure it has adequate finances.


14. If the association is wound up any unspent rental income will revert to the council.


15. The council may investigate any breach of the association’s responsibilities.


16. The council will pay the association 58% of the site’s rental income on May 1st every year.

17. The grant must be used during the grant year and any carry forward of grant must be approved by the council.


18. Council officers may inspect the site at any time. 


19. Under certain circumstances the council may take back full control of the site. 



The Association is responsible for 


20. All communal buildings and structures.


21. Insuring all communal buildings and providing public liability insurance worth £5 million.


22. Requesting the council’s permission before undertaking any work on utilities such as water and electricity.


23. Undertaking risk assessments before any work is undertaken.


24. Any collection of tenant association fees.

25. Completing tenancy agreement forms with new tenants and forwarding them to the council.


26. Issuing keys and dealing with key deposits.


27. Removing rubbish other than fly tipped or hazardous waste.


28. Encouraging plot holders to collect rain water for irrigation.


29. Reporting non cultivation of plots to the council.


30. Hedge cutting, strimming and grass cutting.


31. Maintenance of unsurfaced paths.


32. Lubricating and maintaining the entrance gate locks and hinges.


33. Keeping waterways clear of debris and overgrowth.


34. Approving tenant structures subject to council guidance.


35. Inspecting plots and issuing non cultivation notices subject to council guidance.



The Council is responsible for


36. All council owned structures and equipment.


37. Setting and collecting rents.


38. Maintaining an up to date register of tenants which will be available to the association.


39. Maintain a waiting list of prospective tenants.


40. Terminating tenancies.


41. Making good damage resulting from vandalism.


42. Spraying pernicious weeds.


43. Maintaining trees.


44. Removing fly tipped waste and hazardous waste.


45. Maintaining and repairing the boundary fencing, made up service roads, council owned buildings and structures. 


46. Provision of replacement locks.



In addition


47. Tenants are responsible for insuring their own property.


48. Additional boreholes must be approved by the council.


49. Boreholes will be maintained by plot holders.