(As adopted at the AGM held on 26th September 2021)


1. Name

1.1 The allotment association will be called Leckwith Droves Allotments Association.


2. Official Communications

2.1 Official communications will normally be received and signed on behalf of the association by the Minutes Secretary or in his/her absence, by the Chair, Treasurer or Vice-Chair.


3. Aim of the Association

3.1 To assist all members of the association in the pursuit of gardening as a recreation to promote health, education and community fellowship.


4. Objectives of the Association

4.1 To co-operate with Cardiff Council as specified in the Local Management Agreement dated 1/4/2016, and to increase the provision of allotments and improve standards and facilities.


4.2 To work with Cardiff Council as landlord to improve facilities, carry out essential maintenance, prepare plots for letting, and to consult on allotment matters such as site changes, rents and tenancy agreements.


4.3 To allocate plots, maintain communal machinery, operate a shop and offer any other communal services which could benefit association members.


4.4 To help new gardeners on the site, including advice, physical help and general gardening techniques and knowledge.


4.5 To raise awareness of steps needed to combat climate change.


5. Association Membership

5.1 The membership will consist of all named plot holders at Leckwith Droves Allotments, including a representative of any community projects based at the site.


5.2 By accepting association membership, all members agree to abide by this constitution and the rulings of the association’s committee.


6. Equal Opportunities

6.1 Membership of the association and access to allotments on the site will be open to all who are prepared to accept and support the objectives of the association and site.


6.2 The association supports all kinds of diversity including sex, race, sexual orientation, gender, ability, age, religion, marriage status and pregnancy.


7. Fees

7.1 The association may decide at an AGM to set an annual fee or subscription to be paid by all members.


8. Officers & Committee

8.1 The association officers will be the Chair, Minutes Secretary, Treasurer and Vice-Chair and any other positions as decided by the committee.


8.2. Officers will hold office for a year after being elected at the annual general meeting (AGM). All officers will step down at the following AGM but will be eligible for reappointment.


8.3 Any vacancy on the committee may be filled by an association member agreed by the committee.


8.4. The committee comprising at least nine members including the Chair, Minutes Secretary, Treasurer and Vice-Chair will be elected at the annual general meeting.


8.5 The committee will meet as needed.


8.6 All committee members will have one vote. The presiding Chair will have a casting vote in the event of a tie, in addition to his/her own vote.


8.7 Half the committee members plus one, including at least two officers, will constitute a forum


9. Finance

9.1 The Treasurer will be responsible for the finances of the association.


9.2 The financial year will end on 31st March.


9.3 Proper accounts will be kept of all money received and paid out on behalf of the association and will be presented in an audited format, at the annual general meeting.


9.4 The funds of the association will be lodged at a bank or building society in an account in the name of LECKWITH AND DROVES ALLOTMENTS ASSOCIATION and all cheques, drafts etc will be signed by any two of the Chair, Minutes Secretary, Treasurer and Vice-Chair, who may be registered as approved signatories with the relevant bank.


9.5  Internet banking: The Association can authorise one person to act as the Primary User who will control access to the accounts via Business Internet Banking and act as the principal contact for the service. They will have authority as described in the internet banking conditions associated with the accounts. The Primary User will normally be a signatory on the accounts, and the Treasurer of the Association, but they need not be. The Association can also authorise a Secondary User for internet banking, who again will normally be a signatory on the accounts, but need not be.


10. Complaints Procedure

10.1 The association will have a complaints procedure which will be available for all members to see.


11. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

11.1 The AGM of the association will be held in September. The annual report of the committee and audited accounts for the previous financial year will be presented to the AGM.


11.2 Notification of the AGM will be posted on the site notice boards at least 21 days in advance of the meeting and may be promoted in other ways such as the association’s website, Facebook group and newsletters.


11.3 The AGM will elect a Chair, Minutes Secretary, Treasurer and Vice-Chair and any other officers as it may determine.


11.4 Nominations for officer posts may be received by the secretary prior to the meeting and may also be taken from those at the AGM.


11.5 The AGM will confirm the names of the officers approved to sign cheques and drafts etc. on behalf of the association, and the officer(s) approved to operate internet banking on behalf of the association.


11.6 An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called by at least 10% of the association members signing a written request which must be submitted to the association committee.


12. Dissolution Process

12.1  The Association may be dissolved only by an AGM or by a special meeting of the membership called for that purpose upon the recommendation of the Association’s  Committee. 


12.2  The Association may be dissolved by a two thirds majority of members present and voting at an annual general meeting or special general meeting of the Association confirmed by a simple majority of members voting at a further special general meeting held not less than 14 days after the previous meeting. If a motion for the dissolution of the Association is to be proposed at an annual general meeting or a special general meeting, this motion shall be referred to specifically when notice of the meeting is given. 

12.3  In the event of the dissolution of the Association there remains after the payment of all expenses and the settling of all liabilities properly incurred, any residual property or money, this shall not be paid to or distributed among members of the Association but shall be given or transferred to such one or more charitable institutions having objects similar or reasonably similar to those of the Association as shall be chosen by the executive committee and approved by the meeting of the Association at which the decision to dissolve the Association is confirmed. On dissolution the minute books and other records of the Association shall be deposited with the Records Officer of the City of Cardiff Council (Cardiff County Council). 

13 Review of the Constitution

13.1 This constitution will be reviewed on an annual basis.


13.2 Amendments to the constitution will only be agreed at the annual general meeting.