Notes for the Committee Meeting held on Sunday 28th June 2020


These are very brief notes summarising the main subjects discussed at the meeting. The full minutes will be ready in time for the next meeting on Sunday 26th July. Minutes are circulated to all members of the committee and are available to all association members. If you would like a copy then please email

Despite Covid 19 the shop has done very good business using the new online, click and collect ordering system.

The new security camera overlooking the inner gate is now working and dawn till dusk activity triggered lighting will soon be added. Other cameras may be added elsewhere on the site.

Now that our contractor, Keymasters, is open again new spare padlocks will be bought. In future, worn padlocks will be replaced more quickly. The incident at Easter, when a padlock was cut off the gate, will be reported to the Council.

Quarterly volunteer days will be organised to tidy and improve the site.

Section 106 money was discussed again. The priorities are road re-surfacing and buying water butts. Improved security and improving the pond were also considered.

The overgrown verges near the inner gate will be strimmed and improved.

A scheme to clear and let unused plots will be prepared.

The recurring rat problem has been reported to the council.

Covid 19 makes liaising with the council very difficult with long delays.

New signs will be purchased for use on the gates and around the site.

Delays resulting from Covid 19 mean that the original contract agreed in February to supply 52 IBC 1000L water butts has collapsed. A new contract at a higher price was agreed.

The overhead gantry inside the outer gate will remain locked until we able to start using the inner gate.