Leckwith Droves Allotments Association 

Notes of Committee meeting (open to all)

held Saturday October 3rd 12:00pm 


Members present: Kim Stokes (Vice- Chair); Mitchell Young, Susan Glendinning, Paul Sullivan, Liz Irvine, Steve Stokes, Dorothy Hursthouse (committee members); Nigel Bevan, Jimmy Pride, Carlin Underhill, Janis and Peter Sansom.


Apologies: Claudia Wierszylowski, Biff Koshnevis.


  1. Sign in and contact details collected.

  2. Welcome by Kim Stokes:

 Kim announced that since the AGM Steve Watkeys had resigned from his new post as chair and no longer wanted to be on the committee, thus the main purpose of this meeting was to elect officers for the management  of the Allotments , as per the constitution. 

3. Co-opting of new committee members: Carlin Underhill, Nigel Bevan, Janis and Peter Samson, Peter Edwards, Jimmy Pride were all nominated and accepted by those present as members of the committee.

3. Election of officers:

Chiar- Kim Stokes was nominated by Mitchell Young and elected unanimously by those present.

Vice Chair- Nigel Bevan was nominated by Steve Stokes and  elected unanimously by those present.

Treasurer: Liz Irvine was nominated by Mitchell Young and elected unanimously by those present.

Site Secretary: Carlin Underhill was nominated by Kim Stikes to take this role with delegation of many of the tasks formally undertaken by this officer. She was elected unanimously.

Minutes Secretary: Dorothy Hursthouse was nominated by Kim Stokes and elected unanimously.


4. Delegation of other reponsibilities:

Lettings : Janis and Peter Samson.

Clear and Quit: Jimmy Pride

Maintenance and Security: Jimmy Pride and Paul Sullivan

Shop: Carlin Underhill ( with additional support on a rota basis)

Communications: Nigel Bevan

Caha representative: Mitchell Young

Social events and Welfare issues: Susan Glendinning and Claudia Wierszyklowski

Projects: Mitchell Young and Steve Stokes


5.Bank account signatories: Two of the following to be required- Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer.


6. Handover from SW was made on Tuesday 29th September to KS and MY. Seperate minutes are available. As a result of this those present were made aware of who held spare keys, locks and various paperwork; relevant folders were distributed to those taking on responsibility for roles previously held by the secretary and treasurer; and NB suggested a full audit of the shop  and a complete inventory of assets held should be made as soon as possible.







1. Minutes and Agenda for minutes. A suggestion was made that these are made available 

to all via the website to ensure transparency. Dorothy will in future send these to Nigel to make available.

2. Dates of meetings. A request was made that meetings are not fixed for Sundays and that the time and day should be varied. A suggestion was made that in future committee meetings will be arranged when necessary an inconsultation with as many members as possible.

3. Jimmy asked to begin  maintenance works with tidying of the areas just inside the gates. 

4.Lettings have been re-opened following the freeze due to the pandemic, and plots will be issued strictly according the waiting list as they become available. Janis and Peter to liaise with Jimmy to check which plots are ready for letting.

5.Kim, Mitchell and Nigel to meet on Tues 6h Oct with council member responsible for allotments to ensure any changes that are being made are acceptable.

6. Kim reqested that there be a facility for business emails for elected officers. Nigel agreed to see if he can set up emails linked to the website address. 

7. Susan made a suggestion that everything in future is carried out strictly within the letter of the constitution in an attempt to ensure equality for all.


Meeting was concluded around 1:10pm