Keeping all of our allotment holders informed and up to date is difficult. We have this Facebook group, but not everyone uses it. We have the website, but not everyone looks at it. We have the notice boards, but the information has to be brief, and not everyone looks at them. In other words, a lot of our plot holders don't know whats going on!

To get around this problem the site committee is going to start sending out occasional newsletters, starting with the new site handbook in a few weeks time. 

The easiest way to get the newsletter will be by email. So please send your email address, name and plot number to Don't reply using Facebook! Its not secure.

Your information will be stored securely and not shared with everyone else.

Lots of people don't use email, so the handbook and newsletters will be promoted on the notice boards and will be available from the shop. They may be distributed to plots but I'm still working on how to organise this and it may take a while to get right!