Peat Free Compost at the Site Shop

In addition to Durstons Organic Peat Free Compost the shop now has SylvaGrow Peat Free Multi-Purpose Compost for sale at £6.60 per 50 litre bag. This is being sold at cost; there is no mark up! SylvaGrow is endorsed by the RHS and is a Which Best Buy.

Our suppliers have now sold out of compost. One of the side effects of Covid has been a boom in gardening and compost is difficult to get hold of. Hopefully more compost can be ordered in a month or two and the shop will then have a range of peat free composts at different prices.

You may have seen the news this week that England will ban the sale of peat based compost to gardeners from 2024. It is likely that Wales do similar. This is part of a big push to help the natural environment. There is more about this at the link below

 Durstons Organic Peat Free Compost 40L

£3.40 per bag or £10 for 3 bags

SylvaGrow Peat Free Multi-Purpose Compost 50L

£6.60 per bag

The shop is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 until 2.


Please wear a face mask, don't come into the shop and keep 2m apart.

To reduce waste, when you are buying loose fertilisers, potatoes and onion sets please bring your own bags and containers.